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Our highly skilled veterinarians have served the Treasure Valley since 1979. We started as a mobile clinic, and have expanded to include a stationary office as well. Since each pet is different, we offer as many options as we can to individualize our services to your pet’s needs.

Dr. Robert Ormond, DVM

Dr. Robert Ormond, DVM

Dr. Robert Ormond has wanted to be a veterinarian his whole life. Following in his father's foot steps, he graduated veterinary school in 2011 from St. Matthews University after completing his clinical training at the University of Minnesota. He is supported constantly by his Wife Katie and kids Calli, Juliana, Trey, Emmaiah, and Abigayle. Dr. Ormond enjoys many things in the outdoors like camping, backpacking and water sports. Mostly what makes these things so much fun for him is that his family is always right there with him. He works at both the clinic and does house calls but is truly in his element out on the road seeing patients in their home environment.

“Lana Roberts DVM is an extremely caring vet and goes the extra mile for both the pet and the owner.”
- Amica
“Dr. Ormond was so good with my dog. He was able to take us right away and turned what I thought was a major emergency into an almost routine visit. The Ormond family has been great to work with as we go to them with all of our dogs. I love the prompt service and compassionate care.”
- Jessica